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Note: Demo installation is accessible by all visitors. We could not guarantee that the customer accounts and service tickets you configure while evaluating our product will not be altered or deleted by other users. All visitors could observe content of customer records you create with demo application. Eastwright Corp does not assume any responsibility for any abuse, which could arise from disclosure of your personal data you have provided to create demo records. Please use fictitious info instead of real names, addresses etc. Please do not enter sensitive information like Social Security Numbers, credit card data. If you need to test email based features, we would suggest to remove your email address (or complete customer record) as soon as you finished testing.

You may want to download an operator manual prior to entering demo site. While we made every effort to design user interface to be as intuitive as possible, the manual provides an outline of a help ticket processing that complements an online help system.

We suggest logging in as an operator first (there are 3 users with 'helpdesk' privilege to choose from)

Operator 1: login=oper1, password=demo Login now
Operator 2: login=oper2, password=demo Login now
Operator 3: login=oper3, password=demo Login now

After logging in as an operator you may submit a service ticket on behalf of a customer using the form:

Help Desk

or via email:

sademo at smartanswer dot com

Please be advised that for security reasons we do not provide Administrator access to demo site. If you want to test numerous customization features, please feel free to setup your own customer service site.
Setup your own help desk and test it live
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